[dpdk-announce] release 18.05 delayed

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Fri Apr 13 00:01:17 CEST 2018


The integration deadline is passed by one week, and the first
release candidate is still far from being ready.
This time it is really, really late.
We will try to do this RC1 on the 20th of April, but no guarantee.

Then we may have a lot of new drivers or features to integrate
in the next release candidate. So we need to plan two weeks of work
before releasing the RC2 around the 4th of May, which was the date
initially targeted for the release 18.05.

Usually we need two more weeks of bug fixing in RC3 and RC4,
and few more days of validation before the release.
It means the release will happen on the 23rd of May in the "best case".

During this time, we need everybody's help to finish the reviews.

If you are not involved in reviews or last minute adjustments,
you can start working on new stuff for 18.08, because the preparation
period before the proposal deadline will be tight. We can think about
delaying the proposal deadline for 18.08 by one week (June, 8th).
We should also accept that the 18.08 release might be smaller than usual.

Thanks for understanding and helps

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