[dpdk-ci] CI Test Cases

Jeremy Plsek jplsek at iol.unh.edu
Mon Mar 18 16:55:18 CET 2019


Based on last weeks meeting, I've created a document to help start
documenting what test cases
should be worked on for cross platform support between NIC vendors and
which test cases can be used now in the Community Lab.

This list of test cases that should be worked on can be used when
discussing the budget with the board.

This also gives the Community Lab a list of tests that can be
implemented in the mean time.

(This document is publicly editable. If I notice the document changes
outside the scope of the goal, I'll try to revert it and give
individual access instead.)

If creating this list over email is wanted instead, then we can do it
in this thread instead of the document. (And I'll update the document
as emails come in.)

Jeremy Plsek
UNH InterOperability Laboratory

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