[dpdk-ci] Minutes of DPDK Lab Meeting, March 26th

O'Driscoll, Tim tim.odriscoll at intel.com
Thu Mar 28 14:50:01 CET 2019

OVS Tests:
- Jeremy and Aaron are still working on setting these up. Expectation is that they'll be running on the temporary hardware by the next meeting.
- Once these are running on the temporary hardware, we'll try running them on the existing vendor hardware.
- The test suite does include some performance tests, but no performance data will be published, only functional test results.
- Testing will be based on the latest DPDK OVS branch that Ian Stokes maintains, with DPDK master.

New Tests:
- Jeremy has created a google doc to capture proposed new tests. It's at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WbRoIq0f5SmHM6D5sLbeh7hxRJdE2ppwB5JECHllLjg/edit?usp=sharing.
- Please add proposed new tests to this.
- We'll review and prioritise at the next meeting.
- This can also be used to scope work for a test contractor. Budget for this is available, but we need a clear scope of work before proceeding with this.

Identifying Correct Sub-Tree for Patches:
- Ali's script is running and is working. An updated version should be available soon.

Test Failures:
- Jeremy has been seeing more failures recently, typically compilation errors on next-net. He'll follow up with Ferruh on the details.

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