[dpdk-ci] Intel VFIO-PCI Driver Error -22

Brandon Lo blo at iol.unh.edu
Thu Oct 8 18:51:33 CEST 2020

Hi everyone,

I am having issues trying to bind both Intel Niantic and Fortville
NICs over to VFIO-PCI.
The machines are running Ubuntu 18.04 with kernel 4.15.0-55.
The dpdk-devbind.py tool outputs "Cannot bind to driver vfio-pci" and
"Cannot open /sys/bus/pci/drivers//unbind".

The dmesg output contains "vfio-pci: probe of [PCI Address] failed
with error -22" whenever I try to bind it.
Both machines have "intel_iommu=on iommu=pt" in their kernel parameters.

Brandon Lo
UNH InterOperability Laboratory
21 Madbury Rd, Suite 100, Durham, NH 03824
blo at iol.unh.edu

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