[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 2/4] mk: factorize some rules

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Fri Apr 19 19:00:21 CEST 2013

rte.sdkroot.mk is mainly calling other makefiles.
These redirecting rules can be factorized by called makefile.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Monjalon <thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com>
 mk/rte.sdkroot.mk |   68 ++++++++++++++---------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 18 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)

diff --git a/mk/rte.sdkroot.mk b/mk/rte.sdkroot.mk
index 5b87b68..6221bec 100644
--- a/mk/rte.sdkroot.mk
+++ b/mk/rte.sdkroot.mk
@@ -89,63 +89,31 @@ default: all
 .PHONY: config
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkconfig.mk config
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkconfig.mk $@
-.PHONY: test
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdktest.mk test
-.PHONY: fast_test ring_test mempool_test
-fast_test ring_test mempool_test:
+.PHONY: test fast_test ring_test mempool_test
+test fast_test ring_test mempool_test:
 	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdktest.mk $@
-.PHONY: testall
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdktestall.mk testall
-.PHONY: testimport
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdktestall.mk testimport
-.PHONY: install
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkinstall.mk install
-.PHONY: uninstall
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkinstall.mk uninstall
-.PHONY: doc
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdoc.mk doc
-.PHONY: pdfdoc
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdoc.mk pdfdoc
-.PHONY: doxydoc
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdoc.mk doxydoc
-.PHONY: docclean
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdoc.mk docclean
+.PHONY: testall testimport
+testall testimport:
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdktestall.mk $@
-.PHONY: depdirs
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdepdirs.mk depdirs
+.PHONY: install uninstall
+install uninstall:
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkinstall.mk $@
-.PHONY: depgraph
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdepdirs.mk depgraph
+.PHONY: doc pdfdoc doxydoc docclean
+doc pdfdoc doxydoc docclean:
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdoc.mk $@
-.PHONY: gcovclean
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkgcov.mk gcovclean
+.PHONY: depdirs depgraph
+depdirs depgraph:
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkdepdirs.mk $@
-.PHONY: gcov
-	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkgcov.mk gcov
+.PHONY: gcov gcovclean
+gcov gcovclean:
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(RTE_SDK)/mk/rte.sdkgcov.mk $@
 .PHONY: help

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