[dpdk-dev] Problem in multi-queue receiving

Kai Zhang zhang.4522 at osu.edu
Sat Aug 9 17:59:24 CEST 2014

Hi there,

I have a problem for multi-queue receiving.

For a specific application, I am not using the lcore abstractions in DPDK.
I launch rx and tx threads seperately. For one port with N queues, I
launched N rx threads and N tx threads, with each thread in charge of
receiving or sending only one queue.

The tx threads work on their own queues well. However, all received packets
only go to queue 0 rx thread, and other rx threads receive nothing.

My code is at :
It has a default NUM_QUEUE=2, which means port 0 is configured with 2
queues, and 2 rx threads and 2 tx threads are launched.
Is there any problem in my implementation? or DPDK does not support it?

Thanks a lot!

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