[dpdk-dev] SRIOV mode and different RX and TX configuration

Wodkowski, PawelX pawelx.wodkowski at intel.com
Mon Aug 11 10:30:20 CEST 2014

> Do you mean the configurable number of rx/tx queues in VF? For Niantic,
> hardware just supports only one queue in VF, so there is no flexibility for that.
> For later NICs like i40e, we will have that flexibility.

Yes, you are right but only in when DCB and RSS/TSS are off. When using DCB 
and/or RSS/TSS you have some number TCs/TSS pools x 1 queue.
I am asking if configuring RX side and TX side in different mode is permitted 
and make sense. From Niantic datasheet I did not seen any restrictions on this.
Some part of ixgbe pmd driver code make difference in that and some don't.
I need to unify this in one direction before enabling DCB in SR-IOV mode.


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