[dpdk-dev] virtio-net-pmd performance or running dpdk on VMs

Alexander Shalimov ashalimov at arccn.ru
Mon Aug 11 18:55:00 CEST 2014

Hi there,

We want to run DPDK application on unmodified VM and unmodified Open 

We tried http://dpdk.org/doc/virtio-net-pmd and on l3fwd application we 
got only 90Kpps. At the same time, without DPDK at all - 150Kpps on 
sending traffic between two eths.

Does anyone know why that happened? Does anyone measure the performance 
of virtio-net-pmd driver? Are there any ways to run DPDK on unmodified VMs?

Our setup was:
- unmodified kvm/qemu VM with two eths; OVS on VM sends traffic from one 
eth to another one.
- unmodified OVS on host machine with 4 ports: two physical (10Gb) and 
two virtual for the VM.
- traffic gen provides us 15M 64-bytes packets per second.

Thanks and Regards!

С уважением, |  Sincerely,
Александр.   |  Alexander.

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