[dpdk-dev] Vmxnet3 pmd

Alex Markuze alex at weka.io
Wed Aug 13 12:13:48 CEST 2014

Hi, I Have a simple dpdk app - basically a KNI interface with the dpdk
layer serving only as a pipeline.

This allows me to ping between vEth0 on different VM's works great with ixgbevf.
Now I moved to ESXi5.5 , Ubuntu14.4 VM (Dpdk 1.7).
When running the same code*  I've discovered that the polling doesn't
retrieve any packets after vEth0 gents an IP. I've resolved this issue
by removing the dev restart calls I had in the callback.

        //      rte_eth_dev_stop(port_id);
        //      ret = rte_eth_dev_start(port_id);

Is this a know issue? how can I report a BUG if its not.


*Except this line I needed to add to setup the TXQ.

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