[dpdk-dev] Issue starting DPDK-1.7 in the guest

Shah, Rahul R rahul.r.shah at intel.com
Fri Aug 22 22:32:03 CEST 2014


I am trying to run a simple L2FWD in my guest using DPDK 1.7 version to test the i40e linux driver. Initially my host OS was Fedora 20 but there was some issue with the i40e linux driver so I went back to Fedora 14(2.6.35 - kernel) as per the DPDK documents to check if that works. But now when I try and start DPDK in the guest it gives me below error.

Error: This system does not support AES
Please check that RTE_MACHINE is set correctly

I did not have this issue when my Host OS was Fedora 20. And I am using the same guest image I was using then. The host OS is now Fedora 14 and qemu version 0.40.0 as per mentioned by the document. (My guest OS is fedora 18).

Can anyone tell me what is the issue here?

Rahul Shah

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