[dpdk-dev] Pktgen-DPDK now located on dpdk.org

Wiles, Roger Keith keith.wiles at windriver.com
Sun Aug 31 19:26:26 CEST 2014

Hi Everyone,

I now have Pktgen-DPDK a traffic generator application using DPDK. You can get the code from here:


There is a README.md file that should explain how it is built, but I could have missed something as I was including DPDK with the Pktgen code as an example. Now I am trying to be more generic and not include DPDK or modify DPDK in anyway.

The license support is reasonable, please read it to make sure you agree.

Pktgen-DPDK is a ASCII based application using a few simple VT100 cursor commands for generating traffic on 10G interfaces at 64Byte wire rate speeds. I just added some color support to Pktgen and it may still contain some bugs, but it does add a bit of color.

BTW, MicroSoft Hyperterm is not fully VT100 compatible and should be avoided. I normally access the Ubuntu machine using x2go client (x2go.org) or xterm(via ssh or telnet) from my MacBook Pro. You can use x2go client on Windows to access your Linux machine. Should run on any Linux machine that supports DPDK and has the correct NICs.

Here is the basic screen layer using a 132x44 size xterm window. You need to make sure you view the screen with a fixed width font and some email systems do not show the emails in fixed width (Mac Mail).

I just show two ports in this example, but you can have any number of ports (4-6 is normal). The number of ports to be displayed at a give time is configurable, just type ‘help’ at the command line. If you have more ports then displayed you can page to the different port groups.

- Ports 0-3 of 6   ** Main Page **  Copyright (c) <2010-2014>, Wind River Systems, Inc. Powered by Intel® DPDK
  Flags:Port    :   P-------------:0   P-------------:1
Link State      :      <UP-10000-FD>      <UP-10000-FD>                                          ---TotalRate---
Pkts/s  Rx      :                  0                  0                                                        0
        Tx      :                  0                  0                                                        0
MBits/s Rx/Tx   :                0/0                0/0                                                      0/0
Broadcast       :                  0                  0
Multicast       :                  0                  0
  64 Bytes      :                  0                  0
  65-127        :                  0                  0
  128-255       :                  0                  0
  256-511       :                  0                  0
  512-1023      :                  0                  0
  1024-1518     :                  0                  0
Runts/Jumbos    :                0/0                0/0
Errors Rx/Tx    :                0/0                0/0
Total Rx Pkts   :                  0                  0
      Tx Pkts   :                  0                  0
      Rx MBs    :                  0                  0
      Tx MBs    :                  0                  0
ARP/ICMP Pkts   :                0/0                0/0
Tx Count/% Rate :       Forever/100%       Forever/100%
PktSize/Tx Burst:              64/16              64/16
Src/Dest Port   :          1234/5678          1234/5678
Pkt Type:VLAN ID:      IPv4/TCP:0001      IPv4/TCP:0001
Dst  IP Address :
Src  IP Address :
Dst MAC Address :  90:e2:ba:5a:f7:91  90:e2:ba:5a:f7:90
Src MAC Address :  90:e2:ba:5a:f7:90  90:e2:ba:5a:f7:91
-- Pktgen Ver:2.7.5(DPDK-1.7.0) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Also note you can use Lua to run scripts or command files with Pktgen.

Please send any bugs, patches or suggestions to me. Please add ‘[Pktgen]’ to the subject line.


Keith Wiles, Principal Technologist with CTO office, Wind River mobile 972-213-5533

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