[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/11] add rte_kvargs library: a key/value args parser

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Tue Feb 4 15:53:08 CET 2014

28/01/2014 17:06, Olivier Matz:
> The topic of this patchset is to add a new rte_kvargs library that
> can be used as a helper to parse key/value arguments. The code will
> be based on rte_eth_pcap_arg_parser and reworked with documentation
> and tests. It also fix some minor issues of the original code.
> These commits will allow another library (like pmd_ring) to parse
> arguments in an easier way without duplicating the code.
> Olivier Matz (11):
>   kvargs: add a new library to parse key/value arguments
>   kvargs: use the new library in pmd_pcap
>   kvargs: remove driver name in arguments
>   kvargs: remove useless size field
>   kvargs: rework API to fix memory leak
>   kvargs: simpler parsing and allow duplicated keys
>   kvargs: be strict when matching a key
>   kvargs: add const attribute in handler parameters
>   kvargs: add the key in handler pameters
>   kvargs: make the NULL key to match all entries
>   kvargs: add test case in app/test

All is applied. Thanks for this cleanup effort.


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