[dpdk-dev] igb_uio fails on VirtualBox virtio

Reda Haddad reda.haddad at ericsson.com
Tue Feb 11 01:35:37 CET 2014

On 2/10/14 2:32 PM, "Vincent JARDIN" <vincent.jardin at 6wind.com> wrote:

>> I guess the referenced virtio-net-PMD below is dpdk1.3 compatible but
>> not necessarily a newer version. So I assume will need to update it for
>> 1.6, etc.
>Where do you see that it does not support the latest on dpdk.org?

I tried to compile it on 1.6 and it failed.

>   http://dpdk.org/browse/virtio-net-pmd/log/virtio_user.c
>About 1.6, stay tuned.
>> So, can anyone confirm that the intel-provided virtio pmd with dpdk 1.6
>> does NOT work with virtual box?
>you have the source code...

It failed for me. So I wanted to check if someone managed to compile it.

>Best regards,
>   Vincent

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