[dpdk-dev] How to debug packet sends to virtual functions

Mats Liljegren liljegren.mats2 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 15:35:17 CET 2014

>>> It's the latter, i.e. two primary processes running DPDK on the same VM but
>>> different VF devices. The VF devices belongs to the same physical devices
>>> though.
>> I'll try that as well.
> If you need more help with how we set things up, I'll be happy to help you.

I found the bug, it was an illegal arp entry that I had created
causing the problem. So this case has been solved.

I re-checked this ifconfig issue, and now I can get it to work without
ifconfig in the guest. Not sure why it didn't work without it
previously, but apparently, there is something else I did that made
things work.

Sorry about the fuzz, but thanks for your effort!

Mats Liljegren

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