[dpdk-dev] Dynamic port/pipe QoS configuration

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Hi Satish,

Yes, you can change the pipe configuration during run-time, but in a slightly different way. The way to do it is by defining multiple pipe profiles at the port level initialization time and reassigning the pipe to a different level at run-time.

The pipe profiles are statically defined per port at initialization time (their number is configurable through rte_sched_port_params:: n_pipe_profiles parameter), so you need to know in advance the set of profiles you want to use at run-time. You can assign pipe X to profile A initially, then re-assign it to profile B later on (by using function rte_sched_pipe_config()).


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Can someone please respond to below?
Thank you.

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 3:54 PM, satish <nsatishbabu at gmail.com<mailto:nsatishbabu at gmail.com>> wrote:

We are trying to provide QoS support for one of our clients using
In our implementation we are treating each pipe as a customer.
So, we can have maximum of 4096 customers per sub-port.
Customers(pipe) can be added, deleted or modified dynamically. Each
customer can have different profiles.

Currently we are using DPDK-v1.6.
Can I modify pipe profile during run time using rte_sched_pipe_config ()?

Our plan is to have initial configs as below (similar to examples in DPDK)
[1] Specify port params at the initialization of port as below
static struct rte_sched_port_params port_param = {
.n_subports_per_port = 1,
.n_pipes_per_subport = 4096,
.qsize = {64, 64, 64, 64},
.pipe_profiles = pipe_profile,
.n_pipe_profiles = 1,

static struct rte_sched_subport_params subport_param[] = {
.tb_rate = Link speed (1G/10G..) divided by 8 (bits),
.tb_size = 1000000,

.tc_rate = {Same as tb_rate, Same as tb_rate, Same as tb_rate, Same as
.tc_period = 10,

static struct rte_sched_pipe_params pipe_profile[] = {
{ /* Profile #0 */
.tb_rate = Link speed (1G/10G..) divided by 8 (bits)/4096 (maximum number
of pipes),
.tb_size = 1000000,

.tc_rate = {pipe's tb_rate, pipe's tb_rate, pipe's tb_rate, pipe's
.tc_period = 40,

.wrr_weights = {16, 4, 2, 1,  16, 4, 2, 1,  16, 4, 2, 1,  16, 4, 2, 1},

Our plan here is to initialize the pipe with default profile and modify
each pipe based on user configurations.
My questions are
[a] Can I modify pipe profile during run time using rte_sched_pipe_config
()? (question repeated)
If I can modify at pipe level,
[b] Can we have different profiles for pipes, With one default profile at
[c] Can we modify port level params without deleting the port using
rte_sched_port_config ()?

Please provide your valuable comments.
Thanks in advance.

Satish Babu

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