[dpdk-dev] working with VMXNET3 driver in a "NIC Connected to a vSwitch" setup on VMware

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Thu Oct 30 16:16:49 CET 2014

2014-10-29 17:48, Yan Freedland:
> I am interested in working with VMXNET3 driver in a NIC - vSwitch
> fashion on VMware.
> For that purpose I did the following:
> 1.       On my VMware VM I compiled the driver and loaded it as described
> in http://dpdk.org/doc/vmxnet3-usermap
> 2.       Using vSphere client I created 2 network adapters of VMXNET3 type
> and assigned a relevant port-group to allow a client-server connectivity
> later on.
> My question is how should I pick and bind ports to the driver.
> Should I use dpdk_nic_bind.py script as I did with igb_uio ?
> if yes, how may I find the port addresses ?
> Besides should I do something special in environment initialization
> (e.g. ports, memory, etc...) that I didn't do for virtio or ixgbe ?
> For instance it looks logical to me to use vmxnet3-usermap in my commands
> (e.g. dpdk_nic_bind.py --bind= vmxnet3-usermap <port number>) instead
> of igb_uio but I don't really know how.

Just follow the documentation:
This implementation doesn't use uio and doesn't need dpdk_nic_bind.py.


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