[dpdk-dev] Fwd: OVS with DPDK ..Error packets

Traynor, Kevin kevin.traynor at intel.com
Fri Jul 31 10:02:18 CEST 2015

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> Subject: [dpdk-dev] Fwd: OVS with DPDK ..Error packets
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> Hello ,
> I am trying to test the OVS_DPDK performance and found that lot of packets
> being treated as error packets .
> ovs-vsctl get Interface dpdk0 statistics
> {collisions=0, rx_bytes=38915076374, rx_crc_err=0, rx_dropped=0,
> *rx_errors=3840287219
> <3840287219>, *rx_frame_err=0, rx_over_err=0, rx_packets=292972799,
> tx_bytes=38935883904, tx_dropped=0, tx_errors=0, tx_packets=293068162}
> I am running DPDK application inside my VM .
> Looks like there is a buffer issue ( 64Bytes - 10Gbps)
> Could  somebody let me know if i have missed any configuration in DPDK/OVS ?

Errors can show here when you are sending traffic in at a rate higher than can
be handled, so it can be normal to see that in some cases. 

First thing I would check is that you have your PMD(s) and qemu threads doing
the fwding core affinitised to different cores so they get the max amount of
cycles they can. 

I would also check a simple phy-phy test to eliminate any test equipment/NIC
setup issues.

> -Srikanth

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