[dpdk-dev] tools brainstorming

Butler, Siobhan A siobhan.a.butler at intel.com
Mon Mar 23 17:50:48 CET 2015

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> 2015-03-20 15:07, Butler, Siobhan A:
> > I propose we also add a bug tracking tool (e.g. Bugzilla or other).
> Don't you think adding a bug tracker would artificially split discussions
> between mailing list threads and bug tracker entries?
> I think patchwork is great because it summarizes patches pending on the
> mailing list without breaking the discussion flow.

I see your point, I just think it might be a useful mechanism for people getting started as contributors - to pick up a bug and fix it, as well
a better way of tracking the known and resolved issues which are a nightmare to maintain in the documentation.

> Maybe that a tool which collect bug discussions - as patchwork do for the
> patches - would be ideal?

Sounds great if one exists.

> > And also a standalone page/document/archive of FAQ's.
> Which kind of questions do you want to answer?
> You're adding some technical questions in the release notes, which is great.
> Are you thinking to anything else?

To have these questions and answers more visible really was my main objective.

> Thanks

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