[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/4] RSS enhancement on Intel x550 NIC

Nélio Laranjeiro nelio.laranjeiro at 6wind.com
Fri Oct 16 12:04:19 CEST 2015

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 03:52:27PM +0800, Wenzhuo Lu wrote:
> This patch set implements the RSS enhancement on x550.
> The enhancement includes, the PF RSS redirection table is enlarged
> from 128 entries to 512 entries, the VF doesn't share the same
> registers with PF and per VF RSS redirection table is provided.
Hi Wenzhuo, 

We should discuss about this API for a future release of DPDK because
this one lacks in flexibility.  Some other NICs have indirection tables
with a different/configurable size, and the current API does not help
to manage it.

For ConnectX-4 I have made a lot of hacks to avoid changing the DPDK
API, "[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/3] Add RETA configuration to MLX5".

>From a user point of view, to update the RETA table, the API expects the
user to know the size of it to update or query.  With your patchset,
Intel have two indirection table sizes now, with Mellanox ConnectX-4, I
fixed to the size of 512 entries because it is not fixed by default.

How about discussing this in a separate thread?


Nélio Laranjeiro

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