[dpdk-dev] ethtool doesnt work on some interface after unbinding dpdk

Remy Horton remy.horton at intel.com
Mon Apr 18 12:08:25 CEST 2016

On 15/04/2016 23:56, Gopakumar Choorakkot Edakkunni wrote:
> This time the problem statement is more narrowed down.
> 1. dpdk is enabled on the interface, interfaces bound to igb_uio
> 3. kill the process using dpdk
> 3. rmmod rte_kni
> 4. rmmod igb_uio
> 5. bind interface to igb
> 6. ethtool, ifconfig up/down etc.. works for approximately 30 seconds,
> and then stops working

Hmm.. can you try that but with rte_kni left out completely? KNI hooks 
into the Linux network stack and think it at the least needs eliminating 
as a casual factor. Can you also try using uio_pci_generic rather than 

Those aside, I'm suspecting driver issues, so seeing if I can get one of 
the driver test guys to have a look at this..



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