[dpdk-dev] QoS grinder vs pipe wrr_tokens

Alexey Bogdanenko abogdanenko at ecotelecom.ru
Tue Jun 7 19:28:56 CEST 2016


I have a question regarding QoS grinder implementation, specifically, 
about the way queue WRR tokens are copied from pipe to grinder and back.

First, rte_sched_grinder uses uint16_t and rte_sched_pipe uses uint8_t 
to represent wrr_tokens. Second, instead of just copying the tokens, we 
shift bits by RTE_SCHED_WRR_SHIFT.

What does it accomplish? Can it lead to lower scheduler accuracy due to 
a round-off error?

version: v16.04


Alexey Bogdanenko

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