[dpdk-dev] random pkt generator PMD

Yerden Zhumabekov e_zhumabekov at sts.kz
Wed Jun 15 11:43:56 CEST 2016

Hello everybody,

DPDK already got a number of PMDs for various eth devices, it even has 
PMD emulations for backends such as pcap, sw rings etc.

I've been thinking about the idea of having PMD which would generate 
mbufs on the fly in some randomized fashion. This would serve goals 
like, for example:

1) running tests for applications with network processing capabilities 
without additional software packet generators;
2) making performance measurements with no hw inteference;
3) ability to run without root privileges, --no-pci, --no-huge, for CI 
build, so on.

Maybe there's no such need, and these goals may be achieved by other 
means and this idea is flawed? Any thoughts?

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