[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 1/5] eal: Set numa node value for system which not support NUMA.

nickcooper-zhangtonghao nic at opencloud.tech
Mon Jan 9 03:06:29 CET 2017

> On Jan 6, 2017, at 8:01 AM, Yong Wang <yongwang at vmware.com> wrote:
> Can you add the exact steps to reproduce the vmxnet3 issues to help the review and the verification. My guess is that you have stopped the device, changed some ring parameters (to something larger than the previous settings) and restarted the device.

Thanks for your reply. Your guess is right. I run the openvswitch+dpdk with vmxnet3. 
First,I set the nb_desc of rx queue to 2048, and then stop the device, change nb_desc to 4096.
When I start the device again, I get the openvswitch crash caused by dpdk. Writing a sample program based on dpdk, I also get a crash.
The e1000 dpdk driver allocates RX ring for max possible mumber of hardware descriptors. I guess vmxnet3 should be in the same case.
I will submit v3.


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