[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v9 00/26] Support VFD on i40e - EXPERIMENTAL

Vincent JARDIN vincent.jardin at 6wind.com
Mon Jan 16 00:52:38 CET 2017

Le 13/01/2017 à 19:32, Ferruh Yigit a écrit :
>> Please aware VFD is an EXPERIMENTAL feature, it can be changed or even
>> removed without prior notice.
> So new version sent with a experimental tag, this can provide some
> flexibility to the feature until proper DPDK PF discussion concluded.
> Is there any objection to the patchset with experimental tag?
> Hi Vincent,
> Can this be interim solution until your concerns addressed?
> If so, I will proceed working on getting patch into next-net.

I agree that the experimental status is a better option. It shall remain 
experimental till both:
   a- we agree that DPDK could be used as a PF, which I do not believe 
is a good option, it has been argued within previous email, but let's 
keep thinking about it ;
   b- assuming a-, the kernel includes exactly the same definition of 
messages+features for its PF.

The VF messages and PF messages shall remain with the experimental 
status for any x message that is not supported by the kernel's PF.

The PF side of the DPDK implementation may be removed some days.

Series-Acked-By: Vincent Jardin <vincent.jardin at 6wind.com>

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