[dpdk-dev] transmit lockup on i210

Dennis Montgomery dmontgomery at 128technology.com
Mon Jan 23 16:54:20 CET 2017

Hello DPDK community,

I haven’t found any relevant errata/fix notes so I’m asking here. I’m running into a transmit lockup on an i210 NIC: the transmit descriptor ring fills up and never drains. I’ve instrumented my code to dump out all extended stats and registers and found that when the transmitter gets ‘stuck’, the E1000_TDH register pegs to a particular index, and TDT catches up to it.

I have the transmitter configured with these thresholds: pthresh == 8 hthresh == 1 wthresh == 16, four queues, 512 tx descriptors. I’m running DPDK 16.07.

When this happens, restarting my application (including a NIC unbind/bind cycle) fixes it up, so the hardware isn’t wedged.

I wonder if (a) anyone has run into a tx lockup with the IGB driver, and/or (b) what should I be looking at?

Regards, and thanks for any help,

Dennis Montgomery

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