[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] new members in DPDK technical board

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Sun Jan 29 01:19:39 CET 2017

There are three new members in the technical board.
Welcome to Hemant, Jan and Yuanhan joining and increasing the board size to 9.

New composition (as listed in http://dpdk.org/ml/roster/techboard):
  * Bruce Richardson
  * Hemant Agrawal
  * Jan Blunck
  * Jerin Jacob
  * Konstantin Ananyev
  * Olivier Matz
  * Stephen Hemminger
  * Thomas Monjalon
  * Yuanhan Liu

Please keep in mind that the decision making process is primarily based on consensus.
However in rare cases, the technical board can make a decision
when consensus is not reached on the mailing list.
The scope of this body is limited to the questions directly related
to the development in the following repositories:
	- dpdk.git
	- dpdk-stable.git
	- dpdk-next-*.git
	- dpdk-ci.git
	- dpdk-web.git 

The web site will be updated to reflect the recent changes.

You can use techboard at dpdk.org to request the board discussing any
specific topic, thus filling the agenda for the next board meeting.

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