[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] efd: fix build when compiler does not support AVX2

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Fri Oct 13 20:24:21 CEST 2017

Compiler error:
irte_efd.o: In function `rte_efd_lookup':
rte_efd.c:(.text+0x6d6e): undefined reference to `efd_lookup_internal_avx2'
rte_efd.o: In function `rte_efd_lookup_bulk':
rte_efd.c:(.text+0x87d4): undefined reference to `efd_lookup_internal_avx2'

This can be observed with a compiler that doesn't support AVX2 and
shared build.

Fixes: 86d898968826 ("efd: add AVX2 vector lookup function")

Signed-off-by: Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yigit at intel.com>
 lib/librte_efd/rte_efd.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/lib/librte_efd/rte_efd.c b/lib/librte_efd/rte_efd.c
index 4d9a08876..ba9f0d83c 100644
--- a/lib/librte_efd/rte_efd.c
+++ b/lib/librte_efd/rte_efd.c
@@ -1278,7 +1278,7 @@ efd_lookup_internal(const struct efd_online_group_entry * const group,
 	switch (lookup_fn) {
-#if defined(RTE_ARCH_X86)
+#if defined(RTE_ARCH_X86) && defined(CC_SUPPORT_AVX2)
 		return efd_lookup_internal_avx2(group->hash_idx,

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