[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 11/18] devargs: simplify implementation

Shreyansh Jain shreyansh.jain at nxp.com
Tue Oct 17 07:58:24 CEST 2017

Hello Gaetan,

On Monday 16 October 2017 07:12 PM, Gaëtan Rivet wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 05:12:37PM +0530, Shreyansh Jain wrote:
>> Hello Gaetan,
>> Please ignore this email (reason inline)
> Hello Shreyansh,
> Thanks for reading this patchset, and sorry about the confusion (the
> previous cover-letter only listed the PCI bus move, the bus control was
> only added in this version).

That's OK. I mixed up the cover-letters anyway.
Probably the complete series needs a rebase as some patches have changes 
exactly same locations in EAL where this patch impacts (at least for PCI 
movement patches, I found patches had fuzz factor)

> I'd be very happy to see these series integrated for this release or the
> next, and as such your opinion would matter a great deal.

I do understand the importance of this patch series - but I have not 
been able to devote enough time to this lately. Even now, I am not sure 
if I would be able to completely review all within 17.11 timeframe as it 
is quite big. (And I have some personal time-off coming up soon!)

> However, I have found important issues that I am still working on with
> the PCI bus move. I am trying to fix this in time, but I'm not sure yet
> to succeed soon enough.

I understand.
It is a complex series - specially the build break in PCI movement on 
per patch basis - that would be difficult to solve. Probably that 
requires adding dummy functions/variables to allow compilation and then 
moving them out. It is indeed tough choice.

> It would block the rest. I could still redo both series without the PCI
> bus move but the bus control scheme is necessary for the devargs
> cleanup.

Probably it is best to postpone for 18.02. It indeed is difficult to let 
a proposal fall through a planned release - but this work is really 
critical as it impacts a lot of people (PCI, Buses, args etc).
Just my personal opinion.

> I don't know if this bus control scheme is interesting enough though.
> I need additional opinions about it.

I haven't started reading the Bus control yet - I am still focusing on 
PCI movement and then I had planned the devargs. But, I will start 
looking into this as well. I would try to add whatever opinion I can.

> Anyway, thanks,

Always welcome! But, that's what the community is for. :D


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