[dpdk-dev] 回复: About the shared flock for hugepage files

白长敏 912873551 at qq.com
Tue Sep 12 05:41:53 CEST 2017

Hi Jim,

Thank you for reply, i understand it, but i still have two doubts.

1) if i have > 1 DPDK application on a machine, i can use the parameter "--file-prefix" to distinguish, it can work even if have not flock.
2) If I understand correctly, in the "map_all_hugepages()", after making the shared flock, close(fd), that is to free the flock. Then, in the "clear_hugedir()", it equal to have not flock ?

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This is so you can have > 1 DPDK application on a machine and they won't use each other's hugepages. 

See, for example the comments in clear_hugedir()



On Sep 11, 2017, at 9:16 PM, 白长敏 <912873551 at qq.com> wrote:

Hi, everyone,

    I'm a developer from china, now i have a problem is about the shared flock for hugepage files in the function of "map_all_hugepages()".

as follows:
/* set shared flock on the file. */

if (flock(fd, LOCK_SH | LOCK_NB) == -1) {

        RTE_LOG(DEBUG, EAL, "%s(): Locking file failed:%s \n", __func__, strerror(errno));


        return i;



there, it gives a shared flock to each hugepage file in /mnt/huge, and close it right away. 

it makes me puzzled. Why? What doing that is for? 

I'm looking forward to your reply, thank you very much.

best regards,

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