[dpdk-dev] vf init issue with patch igb_uio: issue FLR during open and release of device file

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Fri Sep 15 10:42:46 CEST 2017


15/09/2017 10:04, Yang, Qiming:
> Hi, Thomas
> We meet a urgent issue because of Shijith's patch. 
> When use DPDK version 17.08, DPDK VF driver and kernel PF driver, i40e, ixgbe and qede(Harish said) VF all meet initial failure.

This patch has been integrated in DPDK 17.08-rc2 (2 months ago).
Why a so obvious issue is discovered only now?

> This issue only occurred when use 17.08 igb_uio, vfio-pci and 17.05 igb_uio all works well.
> Considering this issue will block our vf driver develop and test work, could we revert this patch first and find another appropriate way?

We need to be sure the revert is the right solution because
it will be backported to the stable 17.08 release.

Shijith suggests to "try removing pci_reset_function from igbuio_pci_open."
Can we try this first?
Are we sure the bug is not in new firmwares?

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