[dpdk-dev] 18.11 Intel Roadmap

O'Driscoll, Tim tim.odriscoll at intel.com
Thu Aug 23 09:45:40 CEST 2018

Now that the 18.08 release is complete, we need to update the roadmap for 18.11. The features that we plan to contribute are described below. We'll submit a patch to update the roadmap page with this info.

Add Crypto Support to Packet Framework: A new Crypto port type will be added to the ports library (librte_port), and a new crypto action will be added to the pipeline library (librte_pipeline). This will allow crypto use cases (such as IPsec) to be implemented with the Packet Framework.

AES-CMAC Support in QAT PMD: Support for AES_CMAC will be added to the Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) crypto PMD.

FIPS Test Suite: A test suite will be provided which will can be used by anybody who wishes to apply for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) certification.

QAT Compression PMD Enhancements: Enhancements will be made to the Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) compression PMD including adding support for dynamic compression and supporting the Intel DH895xCC series of adapters.

Compression Performance Test App: A performance test application will be created which will allow performance testing of any of the compression PMDs.

CPU Frequency Optimization Mechanism: This will provide a latency, determinism and performance optimization mechanism for DPDK workloads.  Managing CPU frequencies is a key element of latency sensitive workloads. Some applications are more tolerant of this, others less so. The goal of this enhancement is to match the latency tolerance of the application to the frequency or states in a CPU.

vDPA Sample Application: A sample application to demonstrate use of vhost Data Path Acceleration (vDPA) will be created.

Add Classification and Metering Support to SoftNIC: SoftNIC provides software equivalency for Ethernet device features. Currently, only Traffic Management (rte_tm API) is supported (Tx side). Support will be added for Rx side features such as flow classification (rte_flow API) and metering & policing (rte_mtr API) in order to make it compelling.

Ability to use Externally Allocated Memory: This enhancement will provide an ability to use externally allocated memory as part of DPDK heap alongside regular DPDK memory.

Telemetry API: A new telemetry API will be created which will allow any service-assurance component to interact with and monitor DPDK. This requires some improvements to DPDK's internal handling of statistics and events, and exposing those stats and events to other applications running on the platform. A service assurance component (e.g. collectd) could then query the DPDK Telemetry component, and retrieve the information required to monitor KPIs and perform fault detection.

IPsec Library: An initial version of a DPDK IPsec library will be provided. This will define data structures and APIs to prepare IPsec data for crypto processing, APIs to handle ESP header encap/decap for tunnel mode, and capabilities such as initialising Security Associations.

Add Extended Table to Hash Library: A new design will be adopted in the hash library to accommodate keys that failed to get inserted into hash table due to the unlikely event of excessive hash collisions. The hash table buckets will get extended using a linked list to host these keys. This new design will guarantee insertion of 100% of the keys for a given hash table size with minimal overhead.

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