[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3 00/32] Adding Cavium's OCTEONTX crypto PMD

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Mon Oct 8 14:33:06 CEST 2018

05/10/2018 14:58, Anoob Joseph:
> Ankur Dwivedi (5):
>   common/cpt: add common logging support
>   config: add Cavium OCTEONTX crypto PMD skeleton
>   crypto/octeontx: add register addresses
>   common/cpt: add common code for init routine
>   test: adds validation test
> Anoob Joseph (5):
>   crypto/octeontx: add hardware init routine
>   common/cpt: add hardware register defines
>   crypto/octeontx: add hardware register access for misc poll
>   crypto/octeontx: adds symmetric capabilities
>   doc: adds doc file
> Murthy NSSR (5):
>   common/cpt: add PMD ops helper functions
>   crypto/octeontx: add global resource init
>   crypto/octeontx: add mailbox routines
>   crypto/octeontx: add basic dev ops
>   common/cpt: add common macros for queue pair ops
> Nithin Dabilpuram (5):
>   crypto/octeontx: add queue pair functions
>   common/cpt: add common code required for session management
>   crypto/octeontx: add session management ops
>   common/cpt: add common code for fill session data
>   crypto/octeontx: add supported sessions
> Ragothaman Jayaraman (4):
>   common/cpt: add common defines for microcode
>   common/cpt: add microcode interface for encryption
>   common/cpt: add microcode interface for decryption
>   common/cpt: add crypo op enqueue request manager framework
> Srisivasubramanian S (4):
>   common/cpt: add support for zuc and snow3g
>   common/cpt: add support for kasumi
>   common/cpt: add support for hash
>   crypto/octeontx: add routines to prepare instructions
> Tejasree Kondoj (4):
>   common/cpt: add common code for enqueuing cpt instruction
>   crypto/octeontx: add enqueue burst op
>   common/cpt: add common code for cpt dequeue
>   crypto/octeontx: add dequeue burst op

A lot of patches are split in 2 parts for common/cpt and crypto/octeontx.
I think it is useless most of the time.
You are allowed to update any related code in the common part
while implementing some features in the crypto driver.

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