[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v5 00/23] net/atlantic: Aquantia aQtion 10G NIC Family DPDK PMD driver

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Thu Oct 11 15:11:03 CEST 2018

On 10/11/2018 11:34 AM, Igor Russkikh wrote:
> Hello DPDK community!
> Aquantia would like to contribute PMD for aQtion AQC10X NIC family:
> https://www.aquantia.com/products/aqtion/chips/
> These are 10G ethernet NICs with various features.
> We do base this work on parts of the existing native linux kernel
> driver source (atlantic). Shared code is hw_atl hardware and registers access module.
> We'd like to target this driver for 18.11 DPDK release timeline,
> it'd be good to hear comments from the community on how feasible is this.
> This patchset implements basic driver infrastructure,
> vlan offloads, checksumm offloads, rss control,
> multiring, jumbo frames and other features.
> Later on, we plan to share HW MACSEC offloads, rxflows and other features.
> version 5 changes:
> - MTU configuration is now in separate patch
> - Custom LED api removed. Will resubmit separately later on
> - Add product link to docs, rearranged adapter features file
> - MAINTAINERS file update
> - logging name prefix fixed
> - rte_eth_copy_pci_info is not needed in init
> - dev->security_ctx is not used (removed free)
> - fixed adapter_stopped and dev stop/close states interactions
> - return error if get_fw_version fails
> - added port# to important error logs
> - rte_eth_linkstatus_get instead of atomic64 ops
> - swstats are now cleared in stats_reset
> - xstats_reset callback declared as atl_dev_stats_reset
> - stats_mapping_set removed
> - check-git-logs fixes
> version 4 changes:
> - fixed build errors with -Werror on gcc7
> - validated build on arm64, freebsd x86_64
> - PPC marked as unsupported arch
> - stdbool.h is used instead of bool redefines
> version 3 changes:
> - patchset fixed to be incrementally buildable
> - extra includes removed and cleaned up
> - license changed to dual GPL-BSD for pieces shared with linux
> - removed extra logging #defines
> - misc comments from previous review session
> version 2 changes:
> - fixed build on freebsd (no ETIME const)
> - fixed a bunch of checkpatch failures and warnings
> - removed extra CFLAGS disabled warning
> - making static arrays const
> Igor Russkikh (9):
>   net: atlantic: maintainers and documentation
>   net/atlantic: logging macroses and some typedefs
>   net/atlantic: hardware registers access routines
>   net/atlantic: atlantic hardware layer routines
>   net/atlantic: firmware operations layer
>   net/atlantic: b0 hardware layer main logic
>   net/atlantic: receive side structures and implementation
>   net/atlantic: support for RSS and RETA manipulation API
>   net/atlantic: release notes
> Pavel Belous (14):
>   net/atlantic: atlantic PMD driver skeleton
>   net/atlantic: rte device start/stop/initial configuration
>   net/atlantic: initial support for Tx/Rx
>   net/atlantic: transmit side structures and implementation
>   net/atlantic: link status and interrupt management
>   net/atlantic: device statistics support
>   net/atlantic: support for Rx/Tx descriptors information
>   net/atlantic: promisc and allmulti configuration
>   net/atlantic: flow control configuration
>   net/atlantic: support for MAC address manipulations
>   net/atlantic: support for MTU configuration
>   net/atlantic: support for VLAN filters and offloads
>   net/atlantic: support for EEPROM get/set
>   net/atlantic: read MAC registers for debug purposes

Hi Igor,

Patchset mostly looks good to me, I put a few comments.

Also I think patch 1/23 & 2/23 can be merged into single commit.

And can you please follow the below format in patch title:
<subsystem>: <start with verb in lowercase and describe what is done>,


from: "net/atlantic: logging macroses and some typedefs"
to: "net/atlantic: add logging structure"

from "net/atlantic: atlantic hardware layer routines"
to: "net/atlantic: add hardware layer routines"

from: "net/atlantic: transmit side structures and implementation"
to: "net/atlantic: implement Tx"


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