[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 6/9] app/procinfo: add code for debug crypto

Varghese, Vipin vipin.varghese at intel.com
Sat Oct 27 06:37:04 CEST 2018

Hi Reshma,


> +		       "\t  -- id (%u) flags (0x%"PRIx64") socket (%d)\n"
> +		       "\t  -- queue pairs (%d)\n",
> +		       rte_cryptodev_name_get(i),
> +		       dev_info.driver_name, dev_info.driver_id,
> +		       dev_info.feature_flags, dev_info.device->numa_node,
> +		       rte_cryptodev_queue_pair_count(i));
> Above 6lines have spaces+ tabs mixed, should use only tabs.


Thanks for the feedback, can you please help me understand usage pattern in nic_stats_display, nic_stats_clear and nic_xstats_by_name_display. 

I always use tabs, but since its mixed usage it forced me to follow the same. But since the suggestion is right one, I will share the V3 with the fixes for the newly added functions. 

Let us decide format correction for nic_stats_display, nic_stats_clear and nic_xstats_by_name_display separately too.

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