[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3 0/6] use IOVAs check based on DMA mask

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Mon Oct 29 12:46:45 CET 2018

29/10/2018 12:39, Alejandro Lucero:
> I got a patch that solves a bug when calling rte_eal_dma_mask using the
> mask instead of the maskbits. However, this does not solves the deadlock.

The deadlock is a bigger concern I think.

> Interestingly, the problem looks like a compiler one. Calling
> rte_memseg_walk does not return when calling inside rt_eal_dma_mask, but if
> you modify the call like this:
> -       if (rte_memseg_walk(check_iova, &mask))
> +       if (!rte_memseg_walk(check_iova, &mask))
> it works, although the value returned to the invoker changes, of course.
> But the point here is it should be the same behaviour when calling
> rte_memseg_walk than before and it is not.

Anyway, the coding style requires to save the return value in a variable,
instead of nesting the call in an "if" condition.
And the "if" check should be explicitly != 0 because it is not a real boolean.

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