[dpdk-dev] 19.11 Intel Roadmap

O'Driscoll, Tim tim.odriscoll at intel.com
Thu Aug 8 10:12:54 CEST 2019

These are the features that we plan to submit for the 19.11 release:

Intel(r) Ethernet 810 Series Network Adapter Enhancements: Support for loading of device-specific Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) profiles to support new protocols, rte_flow/flow director/switch filter updates to support DDP profiles, AVX2 versions of the ICE and IAVF PMDs to improve performance, multi-process support, RSS support via rte_flow, support for high/low priority flows via rte_flow, flexible descriptor support per Rx queue.

IPsec Enhancements: The rte_security API will be updated to support inline crypto statistics. A security association database will be added to the IPsec library. A new rte_security type (RTE_SECURITY_ACTION_TYPE_CPU_CRYPTO) will be added to improve performance for IPsec with software crypto. The IPsec Security Gateway sample app will be updated to demonstrate the IPSec library's ability to support multiple IPsec sessions for the same SA (inline-crypto session plus lookaside-none).

Compression Enhancements: Intel(r) QuickAssist Technology support for stateful decompression, enhancements to the performance test tool including the ability to use external mbufs, and removal of the Experimental label from the compressdev API.

Crypto Enhancements: Increased Intel(r) QuickAssist Technology support for asymmetric (RSA) and symmetric (single-pass GCM) crypto operations, modifications to the cryptodev API to support sessionless asymmetric crypto.

Hierarchical QoS Scheduler Enhancements: The pipe (subscriber) configuration will be made more flexible by moving configuration data from the port to the sub-port level. Enhancements will also be made to provide better support for over-subscription, allowing unused bandwidth for a pipe to be redistributed to other pipes in the same sub-port.

ABI Stability: Agree and document new ABI stability policy. Implement code changes (hiding of internal structures etc.) to make ABI easier to maintain.

Virtio packed ring (introduced in Virtio 1.1 spec) performance optimisations.

Support graceful shutdown for the Intel(r) FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000. The server will be able to gracefully shutdown and reload the card after certain errors (e.g. FPGA Die Temperature higher than Temperature Threshold or FPGA AUX Voltage lower than Voltage Threshold).

Extend Rawdev NTB PMD: The rawdev PMD for Non-Transparent Bridging will be extended to add a FIFO ring for Rx/Tx.

A sample application will be added for the Intel(r) QuickData Technology PMD (drivers/raw/ioat).

Intel PMDs will be updated to support RTE_ETH_DEV_CLOSE_REMOVE.

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