[dpdk-dev] removal of unused DPDK example apps

Tom Barbette barbette at kth.se
Fri Aug 9 11:18:52 CEST 2019

Regarding rxtx_callbacks, it's the only one featuring the use of 
hardware timestamping. I would delay its removal until the feature is 
more known and mature.


On 2019-07-18 11:33, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> A standard item on the agenda of the DPDK technical board meetings has been
> the number of example apps in DPDK and whether any of them can be removed.
> The board would therefore like to propose that we deprecate a number of
> examples in 19.08 and remove them in 19.11.
> Here is my initial list of suggested apps to remove, and for a couple of
> them the reasons why I consider them for removal.
> * exception_path - basically a tun/tap example app, given we have KNI, and
>    a tap PMD, this app is probably unneeded.
> * l3fwd-vf
> * load_balancer - functionality covered by distributor and eventdev now
> * multiprocess/simple_mp - NOTE: not all multi-process apps, just the
>    basic, toy one!
> * netmap_compat
> * quota-watermark
> * rxtx_callbacks
> * vmdq
> * vmdq_dcb
> NOTE: Whatever apps are removed will still be available for people to
> reference in older releases of DPDK - including our LTS's - as well as in
> the git repository, they just won't be available in the latest versions,
> and there will no longer be any guarantees that they will compile as DPDK
> changes.  The benefits from removing any unwanted apps are that we have
> less code to maintain and test, and we have smaller DPDK packages and
> faster build times.
> At this stage, the technical board is seeking feedback on the proposed
> removal of these applications, or if there are other examples that people
> feel do not add any value to DPDK and can be removed. All comments welcome.
> Regards,
> /Bruce

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