[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/4] SPDX license tagging

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Fri Aug 23 15:43:34 CEST 2019

On 8/15/2019 6:02 PM, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> Remove redundant boilerplate on libraries I submitted.
> Add license id to map files.

Is licensing required for the .map file? They are just linker scripts with
function names, nothing more.

Is there anything negative can happen when they are missing license text?

> Stephen Hemminger (4):
>   reciprocal: remove redundant boilerplate license text
>   uuid: remove redundant BSD boilerplate
>   drivers: add SPDX license id to map files
>   lib: add SPDX license id to map files


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