[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/2] IXGBE vPMD changes for aarch64

Ye Xiaolong xiaolong.ye at intel.com
Sun Aug 25 03:33:57 CEST 2019


Thanks for the patches, could you also provide the Fixes tag and cc stable?
The patchset looks good to me.


On 08/13, Ruifeng Wang wrote:
>Couple of changes to IXGBE vector PMD on aarch64 platform.
>An unnecessary memory barrier was identified and removed.
>Also part of processing was replaced with NEON intrinsics.
>Both of the changes will help to improve performance.
>Ruifeng Wang (2):
>  net/ixgbe: remove barrier in vPMD for aarch64
>  net/ixgbe: use neon intrinsics to count packet for aarch64
> drivers/net/ixgbe/ixgbe_rxtx_vec_neon.c | 32 ++++++++++++-------------
> 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

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