[dpdk-dev] DPDK Release Status Meeting 14/3/2019

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Thu Mar 14 18:03:44 CET 2019

Minutes 14 March 2019

* Release Dates
* Subtrees
* OvS
* Opens

* Debian
* Intel
* Mellanox
* RedHat

Release Dates

* v19.05 dates, no change:
  * RC1: Friday, 29 March
  * Release: Friday, 10 May

  * Schedule web page updated accordingly:

* v19.08 proposal, updating since no objection to mail list discussion [1],
  please comment if there is any concern:
  * Proposal/V1               Friday 03 June   2019  
  * Integration/Merge/RC1     Friday 01 July   2019  
  * Release                   Thurs  01 August 2019

  [1]: https://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2019-February/125000.html


* main
  * More patches to merge, nothing major at this point
  * Features of the release to pay attention:
    * Arm locking patches
      * Need more review
    * Windows patches
      * Thomas send a list of libs to cover for windows support to techboard,
        will share with dev list after it has been discussed
  * Overall ~500 patches are waiting, to be able to make rc1 on time, we should
    be processed majority of it end of next week

* next-net
  * nothing critical/urgent at this point
  * af_xdp has a timing concern [2] since it dependents Linux kernel 5.1
    version, suggestion is getting the PMD if Linux kernel side looks stable
    - David Marchand offered additional reviews
    [2]: https://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2019-March/126426.html

* next-virtio
  * not much merge expected this week

* next-crypto
  * There is no update this week, Akhil will try to apply some patches over the

* next-eventdev
* next-pipeline
* next-qos
  * No update, we need attendance from maintainers
  * Will ping Cristian Dumitrescu for merging patches early to include them into
    early merge

* Stable trees
  * 18.11-1-rc1 is out, waiting to be tested
    - Will try to get more detail on Intel testing plan for it
  * 16.11.9-rc2 Intel confirmed that issues are not introduced in this release,
    - Some issues already known
    - There is a GRE checksum offload in i40e, can be possible to fix in LTS
      It is waiting response from maintainers, if response doesn't come timely
      it will be released with the issue.
  * 18.08.1-rc3 is waiting for more test
    - Will clarify Intel internally if there is a demand for it, if not can be
      possible to drop the short term release.
    - There is a discussion ongoing about future of short term stable trees:


* No major issue, 2.11 released


* Akhil is looking for co-maintainer for crypto sub-tree,
  any volunteer please contact to Akhil or Thomas.
* Security process, some updates done on draft, it will be shared for wider
* Defects, we are not looking defects for a while, we should spend more time
  on it in the next meeting.

DPDK Release Status Meetings

The DPDK Release Status Meeting is intended for DPDK Committers to discuss
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