[dpdk-dev] VMDQ question

Roman Novikov rnovikov at rdp.ru
Wed Mar 27 10:14:06 CET 2019

Dear developers! I have some troubles with VDMQ configuring.
Goal: I want to split physical port to 2 virtual depend on vlan.  I need 
rss (32 queues on each virtual port, and 32 queues for untagged packets) 
and keep LLDP, LACP/LAG functionality.
so i need 3 Rss group, each 32 queues (Untagged, Vlan A, Vlan B)
hardware and OS:
Xeon E5 2695 v4, X710 4X10Gb (firmware 6.8), Ubunti server 18.04 LTS, 
dpdk 19.02

I am trying to configure VMDQ with rss.
DPDK config  changes:
Then i configured 8 pools and all queues( queues, that i am not going to 
use i configured with pool, that i am not going to use (to save some 
Then i filled rte_eth_vmdq_rx_conf strcut. It has field "rx_mode", where 
i set 0 ( so i  set nither  ETH_VMDQ_ACCEPT_UNTAG  not 
I expect, that i will have packets with vlan Tag A on queues 32-63,  
with Tag B  qeueus 64-95 and UNTAG traffic on queues 0-31 with RSS.
It works, but some packets appear on each pool , like ( Ether(dst= 
I looked in i40e driver code, and found, that driver ignore field 
1. Is it bug? If Yes, when it will be fixed?
2. Has this case workaround ? (maby i can do it with vlan mirroring? ) 
If Yes, can you help me with configuration? ( I will be glad to have 
simple example with mirroring)
3. Maby i can fix it by myself? (so i need few words about, what should 
i do?

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