[dpdk-dev] DPDK Windows Community call - 28 March 2019

Ranjit Menon ranjit.menon at intel.com
Fri Mar 29 03:09:25 CET 2019

Raslan Darawsheh
Thomas Monjalon
Bruce Richardson
Cathal O'Hare
Anand Rawat
Pallavi Kadam
Ranjit Menon

* NEW:
Bi-weekly call will start 04-Apr-2019
  - 4pm Paris, 3pm Shannon, 7am Oregon
Invitee list at present:
   thomas at monjalon.net
   eilong at mellanox.com
   yohadt at mellanox.com
   rasland at mellanox.com
   bruce.richardson at intel.com
   cathal.ohare at intel.com
   anand.rawat at intel.com
   pallavi.kadam at intel.com
   ranjit.menon at intel.com

(Contact Cathal to be added to this meeting)

* Agreed on Clang as the compiler for Windows support
* V1 deadline was met for Hello world, compiler selection & EAL patches
* V6 currently available. V7 on its way later today
* Agreed objectives for window patches
    - Don’t break Linux/FreeBSD builds
    - Compiles for windows
    - Use agreed patch structure
    - Some CI required for upstreaming patches (just compile for now)
    - We will need to identify a test suite
    - We will need to later add unit tests
* Explained why we need .def files - will look to generate them
* Strategy for 19.05 upstream
    - All code should be in branch in draft repo
    - Update frequently (allows others to also contribute)
    - Need to rename branch to LATEST (19.05 or similar)
    - Master repo needs regular merges (confirms nothing broken)
    - Merge full patch sets
    - Check licenses then merge
* Discussion on whether we can involve libbsd folks
    - Could help with implementation on Windows
    - Need separate repo for window dependencies (gitlab?)
    - Meson might be able to handle this with some scripting
* Include headers need comment at the top describing file
    - will update in V7 patch
* Documentation has been tested by Mellanox
    - One issue found with Linux that is getting resolved in V7
* Whoever wants to be the maintainer needs to be able to perform all
   the work (regular communications, merges, reviews etc.)
* Look to re-work meson changes that modify existing build instructions
    - We want to avoid breaking the Linux list of C files
    - Please add new lines where applicable
    - Don’t change current lines
    - Helps maintain history and understanding
* Will need to look at EAL tidy up in 19.08
    - Move OS-specific implementations out of common
    - Lower priority compared to getting traffic running
    - Getting common files compiling
* Need to work on roadmap of features
    - Identify owners for features
    - PCI – currently support 40G Intel NIC (code in draft repo)
    - UIO driver (netuio) module has been written
    - Mellanox not using this, they are using devx
* Agreed to set up bi-weekly call for Windows support/status check
    - Notes from this first call to go out on public mailing list
    - Start to share our objectives for 2019 (in more detail)
    - Invite others to the Bi-weekly call

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