[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-stable] [PATCH 0/7] vmbus/netvsc: fix multi-process support

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Fri Mar 29 10:51:05 CET 2019

08/02/2019 04:44, Stephen Hemminger:
> These fix the primary/secondary process model support in the
> vmbus and netvsc PMD.  They do NOT fix the failsafe PMD.
> The last two are not bug fixes but address unnecessary
> code found while debugging the mp support.
> Stephen Hemminger (7):
>   bus/vmbus: fix secondary process setup
>   net/netvsc: fix VF support with secondary process
>   bus/vmbus: fix check for mmap failure
>   bus/vmbus: stop mapping if empty resource found
>   bus/vmbus: map ring in secondary
>   bus/vmbus: refactor secondary mapping
>   net/netvsc: remove unnecessary format of ether address

Adding Cc: stable at dpdk.org for fixes.
If you do not want to backport, please check with LTS maintainers.

Applied, thanks

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