[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2021-03-10

Honnappa Nagarahalli Honnappa.Nagarahalli at arm.com
Wed Mar 31 02:44:58 CEST 2021

Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2021-03-10

Members Attending:
   - Aaron Conole
   - Bruce Richardson
   - Ferruh Yigit
   - Hemant Agrawal
   - Honnappa Nagarahalli (Chair)
   - Jerin Jacob
   - Kevin Traynor
   - Konstantin Ananyev
   - Maxime Coquelin
   - Olivier Matz
   - Stephen Hemminger
   - Thomas Monjalon

NOTE: The Technical Board meetings take place every second Wednesday on https://meet.jit.si/DPDK at 3 pm UTC.
Meetings are public, and DPDK community members are welcome to attend.
Agenda and minutes can be found at http://core.dpdk.org/techboard/minutes

NOTE: Next meeting will be on Wednesday 2021-03-24 @3pm UTC, and will be chaired by Jerin.

#1 Build config improvement proposal
   * Discussion centered around the following issues
	- Ability to enable/disable compilation of libraries and PMDs. There was no objection from the techboard members on the requirement.
	- Ability to enable/disable #defines
	- Ability to tune the values of #defines
   * Few prominent points discussed
	- This will result in #ifdefs in the code (for ex: in testpmd)
	- One option is for all the PMDs to document their configurable #defines in PMD specific header files. Having these distributed is much easier to search.
	- Can some of the existing #defines be converted to runtime configurations? For ex: RTE_MAX_LCORE? This might impact ABI.
   * Bruce to think about converting the doc to a blog or an email on the mailing list. But soliciting feedback is most important.

#2 DMARC on mailing list
    * Ali Alnubani is working on the issue and will have a mailing list to test

#3 Documenting criteria on adding/removing members to technical board
    * Thomas has sent patches to the Techboard. Board members to review and provide feedback.

#4 Criteria for adding new members to security team?
    * Being known to members of the Techboard would be one criteria.
    * AI: Ferruh to put out a document or email to propose the criteria

#5 Testing leader's role definition
    * AI: Aaron Conole has it completed and will send it to the Techboard.

#6 Approval for blog on C11 adoption
    * Konstantin has provided the comments
    * Awaiting comments from PPC maintainers

#7 Update on DTS usability
    * Intel engineers working on DTS are involved in providing the feedback
    * If the test cases can be added to the unit tests, it should be allowed as well. i.e. DTS should not be made mandatory. This will provide flexibility for developers.

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