[dpdk-test-report] |WARNING| pw82085 [PATCH v2 18/21] net/ice/base: introduce and use FLEX_ARRAY_SIZE where possible

checkpatch at dpdk.org checkpatch at dpdk.org
Sun Oct 25 02:31:54 CEST 2020

Test-Label: checkpatch
Test-Status: WARNING

_coding style issues_

CHECK:MACRO_ARG_PRECEDENCE: Macro argument '_mem' may be better as '(_mem)' to avoid precedence issues
#108: FILE: drivers/net/ice/base/ice_type.h:48:
+#define FLEX_ARRAY_SIZE(_ptr, _mem, cnt) ((cnt) * sizeof(_ptr->_mem[0]))

total: 0 errors, 0 warnings, 1 checks, 26 lines checked

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