[dpdk-users] Jumbo Packet Support

Lawrence MacIntyre macintyrelp at ornl.gov
Mon Dec 14 19:51:54 CET 2015


I am attempting to use DPDK v2.1.0 and noticed that there appears to be 
nascent support for jumbo packets. For example, in the example 
application l2fwd, the comments reference an EAL parameter 
--enable-jumbo. However, in the EAL library routines, that parameter 
doesn't exist. I looked into the librte_ether/rte_ethdev.c routine and 
found that if I modify the l2fwd example as so:

modify Line 119:
     .jumbo_frame = 0
     .jumbo_frame = 1,
     .max_rx_pkt_len = 9000,

that the program will compile and run, but any packets larger than 2006 
bytes are truncated. What do I need to do in order to make the program 
support jumbo packets (9000 bytes in my case)? Or is there a different 
but better way to support 9000 byte packets at rates close to 10 Gb/s?


Lawrence MacIntyre  macintyrelp at ornl.gov  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  865.574.7401  Cyber Space and Information Intelligence Research Group

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