[dpdk-users] Multiple (uncooperative) DPDK process

tom.barbette at ulg.ac.be tom.barbette at ulg.ac.be
Fri Nov 27 12:20:30 CET 2015

Hi all,

I'd like to run multiple DPDK application on the same host, without virtualization (no QEMU/KVM). A "dispatcher" application will run as a primary process and send packets to multiple other application running as secondary process (NFV applications). I found out that DPDK Rings are probably my best choice for that (do you agree by the way?)

For the example, let the "dispatcher" application be OVS-DPDK, which will be the primary process, it will allocate a mempool with some random name (->no standard way to define it).

I'll create a ring in OVS, and I'd like my NFV applications to connect to those rings. But they don't know the name of the mempool, as my application are independent. Moreover, OVS is just an example and other applications I'd like to use could even not specify a name (with OVS, we can at least recover the name, but it's not very "clean").

Is there a clean solution for that problem? Should OVS-DPDK allow to pass a mempool name in argument? Or should I use rte_mempool_walk and attach myself to the first mempool I get?

Thanks !


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