[dpdk-users] Need help with dpdk ip pipelining

Talukdar, Biju Biju_Talukdar at student.uml.edu
Tue Apr 5 00:33:09 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I have two questions. Could someone in the community please help. I really look forward to some guidance in these direction.

    First,I have a application which implements a measurement sketch. I want to accelerate it with using dpdk ip pipelining application. But as I read through the guide in dpdk.org, I realized that it has hard pipelines for say  Rx-> flow classification - > ip routing -> traffic manager -> Tx. Could anyone please explain me how could I integrate my application in one of the pipeline. Is it even possible. Please help.

    Second, I want to use a dpdk application which can schedule packets to different VMs depending upon the src ip (or some logic, which is programmable).Is there any dpdk application available which I can use and modify in some way to use for the purpose. I have used OVS-DPDK for this purpose before. But here I  am looking for a lightweight dpdk application. Another condition need to be made is once I schedule  and direct a packet to a VM, it should be steered through usersapce only. Any pointers in this direction will be very helpful.

keep hacking


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