[dpdk-users] DPDK QOS scheduler priority starvation issue

Ashok Padhy ashokpadhy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 06:02:31 CEST 2016

Hello Cristian,

We are running into an issue in our DPDK scheduler issue we notice that
lower priority traffic (TC3) starves higher priority traffic if the packet
size of the lower priority traffic is smaller than the packet size of the
higher priority traffic.

If the packet size of the lower priority traffic (TC3) is same or larger
than the higher priority (TC1 or TC2), we dont see the problem.

Using q-index within the TC:

-Q0 (TC1), 1024 byte packets, 40m configured and 100m sent
-Q2 (TC3), 128/256 byte packets, 400m configured and 500m sent
-Only one pipe active ( configured for 400m)
-Only on subport configured.
-TC period is set to 10msecs

In this scenario TC3 carries most of the traffic (400m).
We are using older version of DPDK, is this something addressed in the
later releases?

Appreciate any hint,


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