[dpdk-users] Link Status App

Gadre Nayan gadrenayan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 16:08:16 CEST 2016

Dear All,

I have started with DPDK library. I have some terminology related questions.

1. What are "lcores":
   My system has 2 sockets and 6 cores per socket. Are these internal
cores --> lcores?
   So then my system will have 12 lcores?

2. I am trying to work on the Link status change application.

I am confused with the terminology, having not much experience, So
here is the confusion.

I have the compiled application: link_status.

./link_status -c f -n 4-- -q 8 -p 0x0f

Here I am setting the portmask as 0x0F as I am going to use 4 ports.
Next -q NQ: A number of queues (=ports) per lcore (default is 1)

So I donot get the ( number of queues = ports ) statement here.

Network cards have RX and TX queues, I have a card which has 7 RX and
TX queues. Also my NIC has 4 ports. So each port will have 7 RX and TX

So how is this statement (number of queues = ports) per lcore (default
is 1) valid. What should be the argument in my case.

Please explain.


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